Unexplained Wealth Confiscation Schemes

Unexplained Wealth confiscation schemes have now been introduced in the Commonwealth, West Australian, Northern Territory, South Australian, New South Wales and Queensland jurisdictions.

See Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (Cth); Criminal Property Confiscation Act 2000 (WA); Criminal Property Forfeiture Act 2002 (NT); Criminal Assets Recovery Act 1990 (NSW); Serious and Organised Crime (Unexplained Wealth) Act 2009 (SA); Queensland Proceeds Confiscation and Other Acts Amendment Act 2009 (QLD).

To access a paper given at a national conference of law enforcement authorities in September 2011, please click Unexplained Wealth Laws in Australia.

For further information in relation to unexplained wealth laws in Australia, please click Parliamentary Joint Committee Report (March 2012).