Christian Juebner, Barrister

Christian is a barrister at the Victorian Bar.  Christian specialises in proceeds of crime litigation.  Although he practices predominantly from Melbourne, he is available to confer and appear in all Australian jurisdictions.

Presently, proceeds of crime legislation exists at federal level and in each State and Territory in Australia.  The legislation is not uniform.  The legislation presently governing proceeds of crime litigation in Australia is as follows:

  • Commonwealth – Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (Cth);
  • Victoria – Confiscation Act 1997 (Vic);
  • New South Wales - Criminal Assets Recovery Act 1990 (NSW);
  • Western Australia - Criminal Property Confiscation Act 2000 (WA);
  • Northern Territory - Criminal Property Forfeiture Act 2002 (NT);
  • South Australia - Criminal Assets Confiscation Act 2005 and Serious and Organised Crime (Unexplained Wealth) Act 2009 (SA); and
  • Queensland - Criminal Proceeds Confiscation Act 2002 (QLD).

Christian is available to provide specialist advice about:

  • the effect of restraining orders;
  • the types of forfeiture available under the various statutory regimes;
  • how to make exclusion applications;
  • how to oppose forfeiture applications;
  • how to limit pecuniary penalty orders;
  • how to prepare evidence to seek to prevent forfeiture;
  • how forfeiture affects sentencing; and
  • cost consequences associated with litigation.

Christian has been practicing as a lawyer since 1996.  Before coming to the Bar in 2004, Christian was a partner at Deacons (now Norton Rose Fulbright).

Christian can be contacted on:

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